Become a Ninja in Shiga Prefecture

Become a Ninja in Shiga Prefecture

Become a Ninja in Shiga Prefecture

Partners Information: Become a Ninja in Shiga Prefecture! Ninja served their lords by collecting information and using their unique ninjutsu fighting style, operating behind the scenes during the long struggle to unify feudal Japan. In Shiga Prefecture, the Koka Ninja are well known across the entire country.

Visit the Ninja Village in Shiga and become a ninja yourself!

Koka Ninjutsu Yashiki

This ninjutsu yashiki (“house of ninja techniques”) was built during the Edo period (1603 – 1868), and is the last true house of ninja remaining in Japan. Gear and weapons actually used by Koka ninja are on display, allowing you to experience the intellect and crafty skills of ninja of the period.
Guided tours of the house are also available.

Address: 2331 Ryuboshi, Konan-cho, Koka City, Shiga
Opening Hours: 9:00 – 17:00 (Last admission 16:30)
Closed: December 27 – January 1, open every day during the rest of the year
Access: JR Kusatsu Line Konan Station 20 min. on foot

Koka Ninja Village

In the wide grounds of this village in Koka, origin of the ninja, you can find a museum dedicated to ninja techniques, a house full of ninja traps and secret panels, “water spider” water crossing devices and a shuriken throwing star dojo. Experience the secret world of the fabled ninja for yourself! The Koka Ninja Village allows you to experience ninja training that will excite any adult or child!

Slip into authentic ninja gear and then try your hand at stone wall climbing, much like rock climbing, a water spider water crossing by holding a rope with floats on your feet, and a shuriken dojo where you can aim at targets with real shuriken throwing stars.

All who take part in the training will receive a scroll indicating their initiation into the secrets of the ninja. You can also view a variety of materials on ninja arts.

[Rental costumes: Children 610yen / day, adults 1,030yen / day]

Address: 394 Oki, Koka-cho, Koka City, Shiga
Opening Hours: 10:00 – 17:00
Closed: Mon, winter
Access: JR Kusatsu Line Koka Station 5 min. by pickup bus