Autumn Leaves Spots along the Kintetsu Railway

Autumn Leaves Spots along the Kintetsu Railway

Autumn Leaves Spots along the Kintetsu Railway

Where should we go this year to look at autumn leaves?

There are many places famous for viewing autumn leaves along the Kintetsu Railway! Today, we’d like to recommend to you several great autumn leaves viewing spots in Nara.

Nara Park

You can enjoy the autumn leaves in the ancient city while visiting the World Heritage Sites such as Kasugataisha (Kasugataisha Shrine), Todaiji Temple and Kofukuji Temple. These are autumn leaves spots with so much to see! The charming scenes of cute deer gathering on the golden carpet of fallen leaves or Ukimido in Sagiike Pond surrounded by red and yellow leaves will warm up your heart. (Near Kintetsu NARA Station)

Tanzan Jinja Shrine

This shrine enshrines and is dedicated to Fujiwara no Kamatari, the 7th century statesman. The whole mountain is covered by about 3,000 maple trees. When the leaves of these trees are in their peak autumn colour, it enhances the elegance of the shrine’s vermillion-lacquered main building and its wooden thirteen-storied pagoda , the only one of its kind in Japan. (SAKURAI Station ? Tanzan Jinja Bus stop)


Even though Mt.Yoshino is more known for its cherry blossom, its “Autumn Leaves of Cherry Blossom” turns the mountain into crimson from top to bottom in autumn. At Kimpusenji Temple’s Zao Hall (World Heritage Site), 3 statues of Kongo Zao Daigongen, which are the main worship objects of the temple that are normally hidden from the public view, are on special temporal display between 11/19 and 12/11. When you are visiting there, we highly recommend using sightseeing limited express train “Blue Symphony”(Near YOSHINO Station)

Why don’t you spend enriching time at autumn leaves viewing spots along Kintetsu Railway this autumn?

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