Arita and Imari Porcelain Exhibition at Keio Plaza Hotel

Arita and Imari Porcelain Exhibition at Keio Plaza Hotel

Arita and Imari Porcelain Exhibition at Keio Plaza Hotel

Partners Information: Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo is hosting their 37th Annual Exhibition of Arita and Imari Porcelain, titled Antique Porcelain in Contemporary Life, from July 1st to August 2nd 2017.

Arita and Imari porcelain were the first ceramics made in Japan from the southern island of Kyushu. This year, various “Ko Imari” (antique Arita) porcelain products will be on display for sale to visitors along with other items.

Special meals served on Arita porcelain will also be served at restaurants and lounges within the hotel.

A “special talk and lunch event” will be hosted on 19th July 2017 with a lecture (in Japanese only) being given by Professor Masaaki Arakawa of Gakushin University, who specialises in the study of the history of Japanese ceramics.

A special Japanese breakfast served on Arita porcelain dishes limited to 20 guests will be available at the top category club floor “Premier Grand”.


July 1st to August 2nd 2017


3rd Floor Lobby, other locations within the hotel


Free entry


1. Ko-Imari Antique Fair

Display and sale of art items by two well-known antique dealers in Tokyo, in collaboration with Gallery Maesaka Seitendo and Tasaburo.

2. Exhibition and Sale of Art Items Created by Talented Potters

3. Table Settings using Antique and Modern Arita Porcelain

Space producer and Japan Party Planner Association Chairman Yoko Maruyama will create special table settings using Ko Imari style porcelain dishes for the enjoyment of exhibition attendees.

4. Shinji Hataishi’s Exhibition of Imari Porcelain

3rd Floor Lobby Gallery, July 1st to 9th 2017

5. Charity Auction of Arita Items

6. Special Arita Menus

Specially prepared menu items served on Arita and Imari Pottery created by taltned artists will be served at 9 restaurants and lounges.

7. Special Arita Japanese Breakfast in Premier Grand Club Lounge

A special Japanese breakfast will be served on Arita porcelain dishware. The breakfast will feature some ingredients from Saga Prefecture.

8. Special Talk and Lunch Event (in Japanese):

Date: July 19, 2017

Time: 12:00 noon

Fee: 8,000 yen

Talk host: Professor Masaaki Arakawa of Gakushuin University

Lunch: The talk event is followed by a special luncheon at the Japanese Cuisine “Kagari” served on specially created Arita porcelain dishes.

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