2019 Hiroshima Bay Night Cruises

2019 Hiroshima Bay Night Cruises

2019 Hiroshima Bay Night Cruises

Partners Information: Envelop yourself in the magnificent scenery of the Seto Inland Sea. For a limited time, you can enjoy the beautiful night view of the coast lit up at night.

There are 6 different cruises ranging from a casual boat ride for 500 yen to a luxury dinner cruise. Choose the cruise that fits your budget and interests!


13 July to 31 October 2019


Hiroshima Bay (Boarding points: Hiroshima Port, Motoyasubashi Pier, Miyajima No. 3 Pier, Marina Hop, etc.)


A) Hiroshima Bay Cruise – Ginga Dinner Cruise

A boat cruise including the Miyajima Great Torii Gate and an evening view of the Hiroshima Bay Area. Enjoy a cruise with authentic French cuisine while admiring the scenery unique to Hiroshima Bay, like the sunset or the sea dyed in vermillion.

B) Hiroshima – Kirikushi Ferry (Osanpo Cruise)

The Hiroshima-Kirikushi route is the shortest route connecting Hiroshima City and Etajima City. The route offers evening panoramic views of the Hiroshima Port area and islands including Tougejima and Ninoshima. Enjoy the magical sights of the sea at night.

C) Ninoshima Osanpo Cruise

The Ninoshima Cruise is a short excursion cruise with a round-trip time of 50 minutes. Experience the feeling of travelling back in time with nostalgic views of Showa-era streets. On clear evenings, enjoy a true sunset cruise.

D) Sunset Cruise

This route travels farthest west of all ferries operating from Hiroshima Port, so it offers wonderful sunset views of Miyajima. The night vista to the west from Hiroshima Port as the sun goes down is also very beautiful. Passengers of the Sunset Cruise can enjoy spectacular scenery from the top deck of the ferry which is ordinarily off limits.

E) Miyajima Light-up Cruise

Enjoy a sightseeing cruise and see views of Miyajima from the sea. Itsukushima Shrine was constructed by Kiyomori Taira. The Great Torii Gate (an important cultural property) stands 16m tall in the water is among the largest of torii gates in Japan.

F) Hiroshima River Sunset Cruise

Enjoy the seasonally changing streets of Hiroshima viewed from the river in an open boat.

For bookings, please contact the cruise lines directly.


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