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Blog: Destination – Japan (Hakone) by Leon Matigian

This beautiful part of the world, Hakone, deserves 2 nights and 3 days.  We bought Odakyu’s 3 day round trip Hakone Free Pass, which covered different modes of transport (train, tram, cable car, bus and the Ropeway, which was unfortunately…...

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Blog: Destination – Japan (Tokyo Part 2) by Leon Matigian

A short walk from the Tsukiji Fish Markets leads you to the famous Hama Rikyu gardens. We saw it as an urbane oasis in the middle of modern high rise buildings. The gardens were beautifully presented, including three bridges draped…...

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Blog: Destination – Japan (Tokyo Part 1) by Leon Matigian

“Just do it” comes to mind when I think of our 4 week tour of Japan. For years we hesitated going there, but now that we have seen much of the world we decided it was time to see and…...

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