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Cherry Blossom Season in Okinawa

Sydney August 23, 2013 - The cherry blossoms (sakura in Japanese) open on the island of Okinawa in January, each year. Michael Lynch, an American photographer, travel writer and long time resident of Okinawa shares some of his images, taken over the years, to demonstrate…...

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Blog: JAPAN – a mysterious and intriguing destination by Douglas (Part 2)

Sydney July 5, 2013 - Part 1: Tokyo can be found here. Day 6 Matsumoto Today I bade farewell to Tokyo. What I missed most about Tokyo was the satisfying food such as baked sweet potatoes, sushi, hotpots and the bizarre structures that lined the…...

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Yamazaki Distillery

Sydney May 31, 2013 - Situated on the JR Kyoto line between Osaka and Kyoto, the Suntory Yamazaki distillery is a popular destination for serious whiskey-philes and casual imbibers alike. Built at the foot of leafy, rolling hills a short walk from JR Yamazaki station,…...

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Blog: JAPAN – a mysterious and intriguing destination by Douglas (Part 1: Tokyo)

Sydney May 20, 2013 - A travel blog by Douglas, 10 years old, about his recent family trip to Japan. Day 1 Today I arrived at this unique location and was in intense anticipation to observe these breathtaking sites, first visiting the Senso-ji temple in…...

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Blog: Hidden Japan by Sonia Jones

Sydney April 23, 2013 - Sonia Jones from Noller & Turner Travel Associates has just returned from escorting a tour group to Japan to experience the wonder of the cherry blossoms. With her first-hand knowledge, her Japanese language skills and extensive experience as a travel…...

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